Problem Solving

Problem Solving Apps (February 2017)

The Cogismo Logic Puzzles app is a free problem solving game for adults.  There is no luck in a Cogismo puzzle game. To solve it requires logical thinking and planning ahead.   There are five difficulty levels. After a little practice you will be solving the easier brain teasers in under a minute. At the harder difficulty levels Cogismo has some very challenging games.

Puzzles for adults - problem solving

Type: Problem solving games for adults

Play Games Without Wifi : Yes (272 puzzle games are pre-loaded)

Cost : Free

In-App Purchases : To use the Undo button (but you can do the puzzles without using this)

In-App Advertising : The Cogismo Logic Puzzles app is an ads free game, although there are ads on the Cogismo website.  Cogismo has no ads unless you choose to visit the website.

The Cogismo problem solving app for Android phones can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the iPhone version can be downloaded from the App Store.